Ancillary features and other services

  • All areas of the home have a twenty-four hour response call-bell system.
  • The home has a very good working relationship with the local GP Practice and their doctors visit the home regularly.
  • The home’s 5 acres encourages accessible walks and there are dedicated picnic and rest areas in the expansive grounds.
  • Millbridge has a specifically designed Hair Salon.
  • A recent development is the newly created Main lounge with its magnificent garden river views.
  • In addition , the home has two “Quiet” lounges for intimate conversations and visits.
  • Bedrooms can be personalised according to taste.
  • There is a dedicated Activities Co-ordinator and activities, both individual and communal, are tailored to residents’ preferences.
  • All events are posted on well-placed Bulletin Boards.
  • There is Wi-Fi access throughout the home.
  • External Outings to places of local interest.
  • The Catering Manager oversees “Themed” meals and events.
  • The home caters to dietary requirements and religious preferences.
  • There are regular Religious Services and links into various denominations.
  • The home is subject to all regulatory inspections and the subsequent reports are made available. These include The Care Quality Commission, Health and Safety, Fire Officer and the Environmental Health Officer.”