Care Services

Nursing Care

The home provides 24-hour, 7-day a week personalised nursing care by qualified and registered nurses, all of whom have experience in taking care of those elderly who require nursing. These nurses oversee the nursing needs of the residents and ensure the appropriate integration of personal care needs as delivered by experienced senior carers. Ancilliary services such as GP visits, regular Falls’ Team and Dieticians’ involvement and Tissue Viability Nurses are sourced and managed by the Registered Home Manager and her Deputy Manager (Nursing).

Residential Care

For those who have no chronic nursing needs but do require varying levels of assistance with their personal care. The home’s care staff are comprehensively inducted and trained in all aspects of personal care. The home’s Deputy Manager (Residential Care) ensures that any needs requiring the intervention of external healthcare professionals are addressed and the necessary appointments and transport arrangements made.

EMI Dementia Care

For people living with Dementia, the nurses are either Registered Mental Nurses or Registered General Nurses with substantial EMI experience and accredited training. Carers who exhibit an interest in this vital area of elderly care are encouraged to enrol for company sponsored Dementia Care courses and seminars.

End-of-Life Palliative Care

Modelled on proven Hospice protocols, the home has appropriately located beds dedicated to the Palliative Care of those approaching end of life. The staff appointed to oversee the care of these residents, will be carefully selected and mentored.

Respite Care

These are short to medium periods of stay, generally based on two-week packages and are often used to afford the person delivering the care at home the opportunity to have a well-deserved break. The home retains all information and records the individual needs and preferences of the respite resident so, should they wish to repeat the experience, the assessment process is easy and well-informed.


Short to intermediate periods of stay designed for dedicated rehabilitation. Where appropriate, this could include either or both Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.

Step-Up & Step-Down Care

Step Up stays are brief periods of pre-procedure preparation prior to admission to hospitals for operations. Step-Down are periods of post-operative stay immediately after the hospital procedure. Both have unlimited visiting access for next-of-kin.